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You are free to use any of the information or figures available through out this site in your work and publications, but please reference VIPERdb by citing:

VIPERdb²: an enhanced and web API enabled relational database for structural virology.
Mauricio Carrillo-Tripp, Craig M. Shepherd, Ian A. Borelli, Sangita Venkataraman, Gabriel Lander, Padmaja Natarajan, John E. Johnson, Charles L. Brooks, III and Vijay S. Reddy
Nucleic Acid Research 37, D436-D442 (2009); doi: 10.1093/nar/gkn840
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Explore the virus protein structure in 2D space using Google Maps Interface. Once in the Info Page of a particular entry, open the "Capsid Maps (Φ-Ψ Explorer)" Tab. [Enabled Javascript required]
Explore the virus protein structure in 3D space using the JSmol App. Once in the Info Page of a particular entry, open the "3D IAU" Tab. [Javascript required]
Use the Top-Match Web App to align two viral capsid proteins of your choice. [Enabled Javascript required]
You can also use STRAP to align more than two capsid proteins, or dynamically interact with a full capsid. [Java required]
Login and participate in a series of discussion topics related to Icosahedral Viruses, suggest new features or add comments on a particular category.
Learn how to use the Interface and tools of VIPERdb by watching these movies. [Flash 9+ required]
Browse through all the available functions in the new Web API. [Enabled Javascript required]

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