Downloading the Chime MDL plugin

You need Chime MDL plugin to run Interactive Protein Explorer
Chime-plugin is currently available for PCs and Macs only
  • Go to the website of MDL information systems and register yourself,
    URL: http://www.mdlchime.com/register/

  • After that it would take you back to MDL main page or the MDL download page. If it takes you to the main-page: enter your e-mail address in the Member Login window. That would bring up a new window/page.

  • Now check the requirements under 'Download' portion and click on Download. Scroll down and navigate, until it allows you to download. For the Unix aficionados try the ftp site: ftp.mdli.com.

  • Close all of your browsers once download is complete. Double-click on the self-extracting Chime executable to install. Open your browser and return to http://www.mdlchime.com. Test that the plug-in is correctly installed by visiting listed Chime Sites.

  • Now you are ready to use explore the Capsomeres of different capsids using VIPERdb's oligomer generator using the protein-explorer tool.

  • IMPORTANT: Protein-Explorer requires Netscape version 4.08 or later, BUT NOT the version 6.*. Internet Explorer might work but Netscape Communicator is recommended. Chime is currently supported on PCs and Macs only.

    Vijay Reddy
    Last modified: Thu Nov 7 14:11:38 PST 2002

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