All the possible residue pairs that contact at the subunit interfaces are listed in the first column. These are listed in the increasing order of the first residue number (Residue1). Each contact is characterized in terms of type of residue in the contact e.g., polar(P)-polar(P); non-polar/hydrophobic(H)-non-polar/hydrophobic(H), etc. are listed in the second column. Subunit names and icosahedral asymmetric unit numbers are shown in the icosahedral cage diagram at the top of the page. A subunit interface is formed by two subunits, e.g. the F2-J1 interface is formed by the F2 and J1 subunits. The letters in the subunit name (e.g. F,J) identify the subunit type and the numbers (1,2...) uniquely refers to the icosahedral asymmetric unit which that subunit belongs to. Interface(s) at which a contact is present is identified by listing the name of the interface (e.g. F2-J1, A1-B1) in the corrsponding column, such that Residue1 belongs to the first subunit and Residue2 belongs to the second subunit (e.g., F2-J1 implies that Residue1 belongs to the F2 subunit and Residue2 belongs to the J1 subunit). A blank field indicates that the contact is not present at that interface. The contacts at the interfaces are color-coded based on the icosahedral/quasi-symmetry by which the subunits are related. The color coding is as follows:

  • black = no observable symmetry
  • red = 2-fold symmetry
  • green = 3-fold symmetry
  • blue = 5-fold symmetry

The interfaces (columns) are organized such that interfaces related by the same symmetry (e.g. 2-fold, 3-fold, etc.) are placed as adjacent columns. These arrangements highlight the occurrence of quasi-equivalent contacts side by side and shown in the same color. Each contact in the table (e.g. F2-J1) provides a link to interactive (VRML) objects of the interacting subunits, with the contacting residues highlighted in spacefilling mode.

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