Information for Developers

In addition to the web interface, VIPERdb can be accessed using a MySQL client with the username "guest" (password "guest"). Below are links where you can find information on writing your own applications to access and use the data in VIPERdb.

General Information

  • VIPERdb Database Browser. Explore VIPERdb's database structure interactively. Users can enter SQL queries and view the results.
  • The OpenMMS Toolkit homepage. Provides access to the OpenMMS software and links to documentation on the MMS ontology and mmCIF format.
  • MySQL Homepage. Download a free MySQL client for your platform of choice and browse the online manual to help you with your queries.

Creating Applications

This list provides links and information which will help you write applications in your language of choice.

  • Perl: Writing a Perl script to interact with VIPERdb requires that you have the DBI module installed. You can download it for free here. O'Reilly publishes a book on the subject called Programming the Perl DBI. Sample Perl scripts created by VIPERdb team can be found here, along with documentation.
  • C: MySQL provides a C Application Program Interface (API).
  • C++: There is also a MySQL C++ API called MySQL++.
  • Java: MySQL also provides a free Java driver.
  • Python: Sourceforge hosts the MySQL for Python project.

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