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Welcome to the Icosahedral Server

Have you ever constructed an icosahedron from a hexagonal paper template? Creating such a model is very beneficial in understanding viral symmetries, and the core differences between T numbers. For this reason we have created the icosahedral server to aid you in the construction of your own icosahedron. A T=3 icosahedron is shown to the left, built with the hexagonal templates found here. The hexamers (the polygons with 6 sides) denoted by the blue lines are left as-is on the hexagon sheet. The green lines are found within the units representing pentamers, and are generated by folding and cutting the paper template. Icosahedrons with any T numbers (T=h**2+h*k+k**2, see paradigm section) can be generated using this server. The output of the program found here can be either an ODL file, so that the 3D model can be viewed by O, or a postscript file, so that a projection of the model (as shown here) can be printed out. These files can be downloaded directly from this site. By the time you have finished browsing this server, you will have learned a great deal about the quasi-equivalences of viruses.
Created by Chunxu Qu Mar 26, 2001
Updated for VIPER by Gabe Lander Mar 29, 2004

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