Oligomer Generator

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(1) Pick a capsid from VIPERdb:

-OR- upload your own PDB
(WARNING: coordinates must be in the VIPERdb convention)
T-number (for upload only):

(2) Would you like to generate a section of the particle?

(If you have chosen to generate a section of the particle skip step 3)

(3) Select the SUBUNIT and MATRIX identifiers

Select a chain ID from the pulldown, and enter a series of comma delimited matrix identifiers (1, 4, 3, etc.) or a range of matrix identifiers (1-60).

OR enter a set of specific chain-matrix values. (based on the numbers in the adjacent DIAGRAM e.g. C1,B6,C7,B8,C9,B5 OR simply 1, 2, 3, etc.)

(4) Use only the C-alpha atoms?

Yes No

(5) Is this an oligomer for Modeller?

Yes No

Vijay Reddy

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