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Calculation of Average Diameter: The average diameter of a capsid was estimated as follows:
  • Minimum and maximum radii of the capsid were estimated
  • The number of atoms that fall within 1 Angstrom radial shells between the minimum and maximum radii were counted.
  • The average diameter was calculated to be twice the largest possible radius at which the number of atoms in the corresponding shell is at least 25% of the maximum number of atoms found in any shell ( Shepherd and Reddy, 2005).

Chimera Surface Renderings: These renderings were created by overlaying a 3D grid of varying sizes on the atomic model. The low resolution surface utilized a grid spaced at 8 Angstroms, medium resolution used 5 Angstroms, and high resolution used 3 Angstroms. Atoms were counted in each bin of the grid, and a contour surface calculated based on these values.

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