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User Section:

A brief overview of the main components of the VIPERdb website, giving a general description of the data that can be found here and the utilities that VIPERdb offers.

Asked Questions:

Commonly asked questions and a more in-depth explanation of the information found within the VIPERdb website.

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Questions? Comments? Concerns? Send them to us!

How to Enable

This site makes extensive use of Javascript! In order to make the most of VIPERdb, you will need to have Javascript enabled in your browser. Find out how to enable JavaScript for your browser here.

Get the CHIME

For help installing the CHIME plugin necessary for viewing molecules with the Interactive Protein Explorer.

About Calculations:

A brief description of how the data presented within the virus detail pages, such as contact tables, inter-subunit association energies, and crystal contacts were calculated.


E-mail addresses of past and present members of the VIPERdb team.


Information on how to go about acknowledging the VIPERdb website in your work.