Multiscale Modeling Tools for Structural Biology: An NIH Research Resource for development and integration of modeling tools for exploring multiresolution models in structural biology

Computations are powered by Charlie Brooks Lab

See the latest on Virus Research @Johnson & Schneemann Lab

The Scripps Research Institute: Contains information about the institute, including research and education - The Microbiology Information Portal

Institute for Molecular Virology: Virus World Our GOOD friends from the Wisconsin(Cheese Heads ;-)).

Robert Garry's Lab at Tulane

EMBL Virus Structure Resource

Virus databases on-line from The Australian National University

Virus Ultra Structure: An introductory site for those interested in virology, going over the principles of virus structure, as well as explanations and images of negative staining and electron microscopy.

Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database


Genetics Computer Group and the

Unofficial Guide to GCG Software

Database Services from NCBI : PubMed MEDLINE, Entrez and BLAST

Biotechfind Search Engine

R.Buckminster Fuller's "explorations in the geometry of thinking": Synergetics

Protein crystallography WWW software services: Symmetry Equivalent Positions Generator; Crystal Packing Visualization with Java

Abhinav's programs : Dealpdb to perform various operations on PDB files and Matrix to perform matrix operations.

All the Virology on the WWW: This up to date index site is maintained by David Sander at Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans, and seeks to link and catalog virology, microbiology and related pages world-wide. Additionally, on-line courses, tutorials, and a catalog of viral images is available. This comprehensive page lists Servers for General Virology, Specific Viruses, Microbiology, AIDS, Emerging Viruses, Electronic Journals, Scientific Societies, Government Sites and much much more. If you're looking for specific virus-related information, or if you're a virology/microbiology professional, this is the place to start.

How to create a VIPERdb-PAGE : Detailed notes about how to create a viper page (for the benefit of developers).