VIPERdb is a database for icosahedral virus capsid structures . The emphasis of the resource is on providing data from structural and computational analyses on these systems, as well as high quality renderings for visual exploration. In addition, all virus capsids are placed in a single icosahedral orientation convention, facilitating comparison between different structures. The web site includes powerful search utilities , links to other relevant databases, background information on virus capsid structure, and useful database interface tools.
You have different options on how to start using VIPERdb. You can jump to any section in the site using the Top Menu. If you are looking for a specific entry, you can look for it on the X-Ray or Cryo-EM drop-down lists on the top, or type its PDB-ID in the correspondig field above. If you are not sure, you can access the Search Page here and look for it by Name. All virus entries are grouped into Families , you can see a list here with links to all their members.

All database information (from viruses) is accessed through the Info Page, which shows all pertinent data using different database interfaces (Biodata, 3D Structure, 2D Φ-Ψ Maps) for each individually selected entry.

If you are new to VIPERdb, you can get familiar with the site by accessing the Info Page for some of the most popular spherical viruses. Here is just a small sample (click images to open corresponding Info Page):

VIPERdb v3.0 (Alpha Release)
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