ICTV's Virosphere with known virus structures highlighted
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Adenoviridae Birnaviridae Bromoviridae Caliciviridae Circoviridae Comoviridae Corticoviridae Dicistroviridae Flaviviridae Hepadnaviridae Hepeviridae Leviviridae Microviridae Mimiviridae Nodaviridae Papillomaviridae Partitiviridae Parvoviridae Phycodnaviridae Picobirnaviridae Picornaviridae Podoviridae Polyomaviridae Reoviridae Reoviridae Retroviridae Satellites Siphoviridae Sobemovirus Tectiviridae Tetraviridae Thermococcaceae Togaviridae Tombusviridae Totiviridae Tymoviridae
†   indicates a tentative assignment for this virus family on the Virosphere
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